18th February 2015

7 Small Ideas for Small Bedrooms


1. Don’t box it – bin it!

The first and most obvious thing you need to do to transform your small bedroom is to have a good old clear out. Be tough on yourself! Many misguided D.I.Y.-ers simply store everything into boxes ready to unpack into their newly decorated space – and eventually the space will quickly transform itself back into its old state! To avoid this, keep items that have a useful purpose and items with sentimental value.

2. Mirror, Mirror…

One of the easiest ways you can create space in your small room is by popping a mirror on to your wall. You could even make a plain wall into something of a statement by making a collage of small and differently sized mirrors. And why stop there? Now you can incorporate mirrors into your bedroom décor in hundreds of ways, for instance, this stylish and practical, mirrored bedside table is beautiful and has matching tallboy and draw cabinet.


3. Shelves = Space

Next, if you haven’t already – why not invest in some shelving units that optimise your limited space. Shallow wall-to-wall shelving units are ideal when put above a stationary floor object like your bed. And floating shelves are perfect as they use absolutely none of your floor space – you could even use small floating shelves instead of a bedside table!

4. Perfect Small Bedroom Beds

If you’re looking to really invest in your room, a beautiful bed with legs will allow for more space to store your belongings. Divan beds, with their luxurious fabrics are beautiful, but don’t be put off a more standard bed frame, this Adams design is anything but typical and you can choose a beautiful fabric for the frame and headboard – giving you the luxurious look you’re after whilst creating much more space.


5. Let There Be Light

As your bedroom is small, it may suffer from lots of shadows and appear quite dark, use lots of lights, such as lamps and multi bulb ceiling lights, to help reduce the amount of darkness. This applies to your wall colours and fabric choices as well, keep the walls a neutral and light shade and pop in blocks of an accent colour to add design and personality to your small bedroom.

6. Brighten Up Your Small Bedroom

Now you’ve had a good de-clutter and cleared everything out, painted your walls white and it’s all looking a bit plain – add pops of personality with small colourful baskets or a beautiful large Ottoman – you can find these to match your bed and they store just about everything!


7. Lighten Up

A really easy, and virtually cost free, way to create more space in a small bedroom is to give everything a little bit of elevation. Use your shelves and storage items together and get everything you can off of the floor to allow yourself more personal space to move around. Another way to lift the room is to add simple and subtle, horizontal décor – a neutral wallpaper with an upwards flowing pattern would be perfect!

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