Christmas Decor Moodboard

Winter Décor Guide!

October 19, 2016

Get ready for the approaching Christmas festivities with this Christmas Decor Guide, brought to you by The English Bed Company.

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Introducing our new Storage Drawer Beds!

October 10, 2016

Now that summer has finally drawn to a close, The English Bed Company has decided to mark the start of the winter months by introducing a fantastic range of Storage Drawer Beds, along with an update to our fabric range! Our new Storage beds are the perfect way to accompany all of your winter goodies, […]

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Eliot Contemporary Bed

100% British Handmade Beds

July 11, 2016

Although there are many discounted and cheap bed options available on the market today, many people still appreciate a real handmade bed, and the benefits that it can provide over cheaper alternatives. The average sleep duration is roughly 8 hours per day, meaning you spend one third of your life sleeping, and we can all […]

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Autumn Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom

October 29, 2015

  We are in the midst of autumn so if you are wanting to get into the seasonal spirit – why not invest in some beautiful new room accessories? You don’t have to spend a fortune and you can even select pieces that will last all year round, bringing lovely soft hues and warm tones […]

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A Little Bit of Ottoman History

September 14, 2015

The history of the Ottoman, despite its casual day-to-day household appearance, is rich and full of historical importance. The name itself derives from the Ottoman Empire; the original home of the Ottoman before it was gradually imported into sections of Europe during the 18th century. From round to square, placed around three walls of the room […]

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Bedroom Pastels

July 31, 2015

It’s summer time and pastel toned decor and the sunshine go hand in hand. So whether you want to spruce up your living room specially for the summer months, or create a bright, airy and happy space – pastel decorations are for you!We’ve put the above mood board together in hope to give you some […]

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A Little Bit About The Wing Chair

July 21, 2015

The infamous Wing Chair as it is today, came from humble beginnings in the world of furniture. Having begun its life sometime during the 1600’s, it began to really become popular in the late 1720’s. Its purpose was to protect the upper body, preventing it from the harsh heat from the large open fireplaces of […]

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Monochrome Décor Inspired Bedroom

June 18, 2015

Monochrome décor is very on trend right now, with many kitchens and living rooms adopting this versatile theme. So why not embrace your love of monochrome décor and furnish the most personal room of your home with beautiful, black and white accessories and statement pieces. Above is our mood board for inspiration, and below are […]

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Beginners Guide to Bedroom Feng Shui

May 28, 2015

If you’re not sleeping well, or don’t feel fully comfortable in your bedroom space, it may be because the arrangement of your furniture is just not sitting right. But before you shuffle, pull and drag everything about – read our beginners bedroom Feng Shui tips that will help make your bedroom feel that little bit more […]

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Summer Bedroom Inspiration

May 21, 2015

Whether you are getting your bedroom ready for the warmer months or simply love bright and colourful décor, a summer themed bedroom is an uplifting space that you’ll want to spend your time in. Mirrored surfaces, white paint and vivid colours amount to a luminous and happy feeling zone. We have put together a quick […]

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